Wayne Rebuilt Gas Pumps

We supply the Wayne 360 series and Vista series gas pumps. These units are available as dispensers or suction pumps and can either be single or dual hose units. The Vistas can also have blending or non-blending capabilities.

Shown below are a few of the Wayne pumps built by us:

Wayne V387 Wayne V390U or V590U Ovation Model B13

Wayne V387 - This is a single product dispenser with one hose per side. You may also order this pump as a suction pump. If you choose, this pump has the capability of being equipped with credit card readers.

Wayne V390U or V590U - These units are available as dispensers or suction pumps and can be equipped to be blending or non-blending units.

V390U - This three product dispenser has a single hose per side and they are available with credit card readers.

V590U - As an electronic blender this pump is capable of selling up to five products with one hose per side and it can be equipped with a credit card reader.

Ovation Model B13 - This unit is capable of up to 5 blended grades with 1 single hose per side. This unit can be equipped with or without card readers.

Wayne Ovation Model B23 also available. This is a blending unit capable of up to 5 blended grades in a single hose and 1 additional hose per side for a straight product. (most commonly used used for Diesel fuel) Both units also available in a suction pump.


Model Wayne Global Wayne Model: 3/Vista series

Model Wayne Global - This dispenser is available in many configurations, including single and dual product. IGEM electronics. Dispenser or suction available. Global dispensers are ideal for both standard retail sites and high volume locations like airports, marinas and truck stops.

Wayne Model 3/vista - This wide frame dispenser is capable of up to 5 blended products in 1 single hose per side. IGEM electronics, IMeter hydraulics. The unit shown has been retrofitted with IX pay card reader option. This unit can be built to a suction pump or dispenser. Also can be equipped with another single hose per side, (straight grade for Diesel fuel).



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