Tokheim Rebuilt Gas Pumps

At United Petroleum Equipment you can purchase many different models of Tokheim dispensers. We have models available in Premiers, 262s, 262As, 785s, 1150s, and 1250s.

Each of these units can be ordered as dispensers or suction pumps. Premier units have either blending or non-blending capabilities. You may also choose to have credit card readers installed. Shown below are a few of the Tokheim pumps we have built.

Tokheim Premier H322B Tokheim Premier H426B Tokheim 262A

Tokheim Premier H322B - The pump shown is a dual dispenser with a credit card reader option. This pump can be made as a dual or a blending unit and is also available as a suction pump.

Tokheim Premier H426B - This three product dispenser is a non-blending unit and has 3 hoses per side. It can also be a suction pump and can be equipped to operate with a credit card reader.

Tokheim 262A - This electronic unit may be purchased as a single product or dual product dispenser or as a suction pump. The unit can have one or two hoses with the capability of dispensing up to two products. These units are non-blending and can not be equipped with credit card readers.

Tokheim 1250 Dual

Tokheim 1250 Dual - This mechanical unit can be purchased as single or dual hose unit and as either a suction pump or dispenser. These units are non-blending and can not be equipped with a credit card reader.


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