Other Rebuilt Gas Pumps

United Petroleum Equipment also sells Gasboy, Bennett, and Schlumberger pumps. These pumps can be dispensers or suction pumps and either a single or dual product unit. Shown are pumps that we have built:

Gasboy Bennett

We fluild test under field conditions. Vacuum and PSI readings are recorded and displayed on all pumping units. Amp draw on electric motors are recorded under load and running idle.

All Junction box wiring is clearly labeled to make your installation as smooth as possible. (Dispenser head control power, two-wire communications, submersible pump activation, etc..)

6-Hose-Advance-1 6-Hose-Advance-2 6-Hose-Advance-3
6-Hose-Advance-4 Custom orders are our specialty. We can build what you need. Shown here is a 6 hose Advantage unit that can be dis-assembled to ship in a small airplane.

New-Parts-1 New-Parts-2 New-Parts-3
If you get a quote from a company other than United Petroleum, you need to consider what is being done to the equipment. We install more NEW parts than any of our competitors. New-Parts-4

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