About United Petroleum

United Petroleum Equipment Co., Inc. was established in 1990 in Clarkfield, MN

Randy W. Larson, owner of United Petroleum, started in the petroleum business when he went to work for Fina Oil and Chemical in Dallas, TX in 1985. In 1990 when Randy started United Petroleum Equipment, he was the only shop technician and salesman for several years. Now, Randy mainly works in sales.

United Petroleum has an excellent sales staff, with over 47 years of combined experience, to help customers decide which rebuilt service station equipment will best fit the needs for their location. Call for free equipment quotes.

We have an excellent team of gas pump technicians that work on our equipment, making sure every order for gas pumps or consoles is done correctly from beginning to end. Our pump technicians are Chris Moen, with over 14 years experience and Gene Taylor, with over 7 years experience.

The goal of United Petroleum Equipment’s staff is to meet our customer’s needs to the best of our ability and make their purchase experience be pleasant and flow smoothly.


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United Petroleum Equipment Co., Inc.

611 Hackberry Street Dawson, MN 56232